Weekly West African Drumming Class

with Maganui Stewart

This class can be attended via zoom. Register to receive zoom link.

An opportunity to experience the thrill of West African Drumming, history and song. Perform traditional music and rhythms from Ghana, Guinea, Mali and other countries in West Africa.

The first class can be attended as a one off 'taster' and introduction to West African Drumming.

Please view our safety plan here

Thursdays: 7.00pm-8.00pm

TERM FOUR:  20th October to December 1st - 7 weeks

Room 6, Phillipstown Hub, 39 Nursery Road, Phillipstown (map)
Cost: Adults $65 (or $60 for Friends of The Muse); Children: $40; First night only: $15
Bookings recommended: Book here

Join Maganui Stewart, Ankit Gupta, and members of the Dekaworwor performance group to experience the exhilaration of playing West African hand drums with others. Improve your coordination, and enjoy the buzz, shared joy and connection that only drumming with others can create. In this class series, participants will learn traditional West African rhythms and songs.  Maganui will help students learn the rhythms and develop their skill.

About the Tutor/s
Dekaworwor2Maganui Stewart is a multi-instrumentalist, with her main passions being dance, drumming and singing. She has a Bachelor in Musical Arts from the C.P.I.T  (ARA) and runs a regular therapeutic dance class at Burwood Hospital and an Orff Musicianship Class for children at Christchurch School of Music as well as performing regularly with A Capellago World Music Choir as a percussionist and singer and is also the founder and leader of Dekaworwor  Drum Ensemble.

Maganui is passionate about ensuring everyone has access to opportunities to express themselves through music and dance. She works with indigenous musicians and dancers from Ghana, West Africa to both support their work and improve her knowledge.

In term four, Maganui is preparing to return to Ghana to continue her professional development and the drumming classes will be run by Ankit Gupta with the support of the Dekaworwor performance group. Ankit has been involved in drumming in Wellington for over ten years, before coming to Ōtautahi and has been working closely with Maganui in preparation for the opportunity to teach our drumming class.