We have moved!
to the Christchurch Multicultural Recreation and Community Centre
455 Hagley Avenue

West African Drumming and Dance Classes

Join our West African Drumming and Dance Class

join a choir

Join A Choir that rehearses during the day, or Join a choir that rehearses in the evenings (Tuesdays/Wednesdays)

adults musicianship class kodaly inspired

Improve your musicianship skills - adults (Tuesdays/Wednesdays)

music classes for children kodaly inspired

Music Classes For Children - Kodály Inspired (Fridays)

Reclaim Your Voice

Learn to Sing - Reclaim Your Voice (singing for non singers)
(June 7 - 9, 2024)


Look out for our Random Acts of Music on a street near you (Next Ram Anzac day at the Arts Centre)

If  you are looking for singing lessons in Christchurch, or to join a choir, learn the ukulele or guitar, join in West African Drumming and dance, give your children the opportunity to experience fun, joyful, effective music lessons, come and check out The Muse.
We also have a comprehensive Music Teacher Training programme based in the Kodály approach.
Music Lessons in Christchurch for people of all ages and abilities.

Check out our youtube channel here.

We believe music belongs to everyone and that we learn best when we are having fun and we feel safe.

A question of talent?

We believe music belongs to everyone, and it is lack of opportunity that divides 'musicians' from 'non-musicians'. In some cultures there is no word or concept for 'song'. Singing is embedded in all daily activities and is seen as an integral part of each task.

Tone Deaf?

A person who is tone deaf is unable to hear differences in pitch. This person would speak in a monotone voice like a robot. People learn to vocally reproduce pitch at various ages. Adults who miss this opportunity as children can learn to 'pitch match' at any stage of life. Many people were told when they were younger that they are 'tone deaf'. This is nonsense! For help for people who think they can't sing see Reclaim Your Voice.

Holistic Learning Environments

"I can read music, but I can't improvise." "I can learn by ear, but I can't read music." These feelings of limitation are far too common. The Muse aims to help musicians fill the gaps in their musical development.
Excellence without competition

We believe music is an art-form, and promote alternatives to competition as ways for people to showcase their talent. We aim to help each individual to strive for their personal best, to be inspired rather than judged by the achievements of others.


The Muse networks with other music providers, and provides assistance for individuals to find each other (guitarist seeks singer etc).