Our Safety Plan - Updated May 2022

The Muse wishes to continue to provide an inclusive, safe environment for anyone who wishes to participate in music making. In order to do this while Covid 19 is prevalent in our community, we will offer the option to attend any of our activities 'in person' or via zoom.

Please note, Our safety policy is regularly reviewed and updated. Last reviewed: June 2024

The Muse will take the following precautions to keep the ‘in person’ classes safe:


We acknowledge that not all people are comfortable wearing masks, and generally tutors need to not wear masks for accessibility reasons. (People need to see their mouths). Masks will be available at all events and do provide the protection so we do encourage you to wear a mask if you are comfortable doing so. If possible, we encourage participants to take a test before attending courses where there is singing and we have tests available.


Please don't attend if you have any cold like symptoms. We will endeavour to make it possible for people to 'zoom' in to classes if they need to stay home but are feeling well enough to attend.

Our Dyson air purifer is running during all classes.


We will clean between groups, and keep records of everyone who attends.

People attending from home are supported with learning resources and/or instruments.


If people don’t have access to a computer or smart phone, or need help getting connected, we may be able to help, through our friends at EcoTech


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns