Music Classes - Sing, play, Learn!

We have Kodály inspired music classes for children and adults.

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Classes in Somerfield and the City

Children's classes are on Wednesdays

Adult's classes are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

About the Tutor

Nikki Berry in the garden

Nikki Berry was a founding member of the Canterbury Musical Parenting Association, before founding The Muse Community Music Trust.

She has trained in the Estill approach to singing, completed two Orff levels, and has recently completed the final year of her Australian Kodály certificate.

Nikki leads workshops for singers throughout New Zealand, including the life changing 'Reclaim Your Voice' courses for people who think they can't sing, runs the junior music programme at Whītau school, as well as musicianship classes for adults and children through The Muse.

Nikki champions the right of every person to fully participate in music, and advocates for the Kodály approach as one of the best approaches to make this possible.