Become A Friend

A great way to support the work of The Muse is to become a Friend of The Muse.

A subscription to become a Friend of The Muse is a yearly donation of between $25 and $40.

$25 per year - Single
$30 per year - Small Family (one adult and child)
$40 per year - Family (all people at one address sharing an income)

Friends receive discounts on courses, can access our library, and receive a newsletter and Events Guide four times a year. It is a way of showing you are part of our community, rather then just a consumer of services.

The Muse relies on volunteers. Whether you would like to get involved in planning, or help out in other ways, we value your input. People who contribute a significant amount of time pay no subscription to be Friends of The Muse.

Anyone can join our free email list.

Please click here or on the link above to Become a Friend of The Muse. If you are renewing, please click here to Renew Subscription.

Making a donation to The Muse is another way to support our work. You can make a general donation towards running costs, or a donation towards a specific project, eg. the scholarship fund which allows people on low incomes to access our programme. Any donations of $5 or more are tax deductible.

If you have any queries, please email us or phone 0800 THE MUSE (0800 843 687)